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Ugashik Traditional Village
Finance Manager
Job Description - 2018
Position Title: Finance Manager
Salary Range: DOE - Exempt (Dependent on Grant Funding)
Term: Year Round 0.5 PTE
Benefits: 10 paid federal holidasy; 104 hours sick leave and 104 hours annual leave accrued each year available after a 30 day probation period.
This position is primarily located at the Ugashik Traditional Village (UTV) offices in Anchorage, Alaska, with primary responsibility for directing all tribal finance initiatives and managing the administrative aspects of all grants. Position will require travel to the village.
1. Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance or Business. CPA or CMA desired, but this requirement may be filled through a combination of education and direct work experience
2. Five years professional finance work experience in progressive leadership focusing on fund accounting.
3. Supervisory experience
4. Strong familiarity with Microsoft Office, QuickBooks 2018, ASAP, Grants.gov and any and all federal, state and private online fund accounting sites used for the purpose of drawing down funds.
5. Successful experience in Grant writing/reporting and administration
6. Excellent research abilities
7. Excellent written and oral communications skills
8. The ability to travel to Ugashik two to three times per year.
9. Familiarity with Bristol Bay area, people and culture
10. Ability to work independently, meet deadlines with attention to detail
11. Experience in tribal administration and working with Tribal Councils.
The UTV Finance Manager is responsible for the overall direction and delivery of UTV fiscal procedures and operations. This position reports directly to the UTV Tribal Administrator for all supervisory and administrative support. The UTV Finance Director and Grants Manager is responsible for, but not limited to the following:
Finance Direction (60%):
- Review all invoices and weekly Accounts Payable for appropriate documentation and approval prior to payment.
- Reconcile income and expenses to appropriate grant.
- Process bi-weekly payroll, and income in QuickBooks
- Reconcile bank statements and process credit card payments.
- Process Quarterly payroll tax reports and make payments.
- 1099 maintenance.
- Oversee the reconciliation of vendor statements, and insure accuracy.
- Develop and present up to date monthly financial reports and bank balances to council.
- Provide tribal manager with accurate quarterly financial budget to actual reports for each grant.
- Work with tribal manager to ensure all grant expenditures are in compliance with grant agreements/contracts.
- Provide input for development of budgets and other management issues.
- Make corrective entries into QuickBooks.
- Maintain employee annual and sick leave balances in compliance with personnel policy.
- Oversee the paper filing system for the accounting department.
- Audit preparation including but not limited to: developing a detailed list of UTV's receivables and accounts payables and other requests made by auditor.
- Work with auditor with adjusting entries and other requests to finalize audits.
- Process employee travel advances in compliance with UTV travel policy and federal per diem rates.
- Oversee, review, and adhere to the budgets for each grant program
- Assist in all tribal budgetary planning
- Ensure that all of the company's financial practices are in line in statutory regulations and legislation
- Analyze the financial climate and market trends to assist Council and management in creating strategic plans for the future
- Monitor cash flow, accounts, and other financial transactions and insure that monetary assets are always strong.
- Prepare quarterly BBEDC grant programs reports for reimbursement
- Prepare quarterly and annual Federal grant reports as required contractually
- Research best practices to insure organization stays current with financial trends.
- Create and maintain relationships with service providers and contractors, including banking institutions and Finance Professionals
- Maintain Financial Policies and provide insight and input to the Council for changes as needed.
- Maintain records of all payments and receivables and prepare monthly records for all grant related activities.
- Establish and implement a training program for new finance employees.
- Other duties as assigned and recognized.
Financial Reporting (40%):
Working closely with the Tribal Administrator, the Finance Manager will be responsible for, but not limited to the following:
- Administrate all grant reporting requirements including quarterly and annual narrative reports.
- Assist in all invoicing, accounting, reporting, and other administrative functions to ensure successful execution of grant process
- Work with Tribal Administrator for drafting all budget narratives
- Insure grant budget spending is current with grant period.
- Prepare and submit narrative reports to Tribal Administrator for review.
- Develop and oversee a precise system of electronic and hard copy filing for all grant programs
Essential Skills and Abilities
- The ability to work closely with a Tribal Council
- Firm understanding of cross cultural communication differences
- Excellent interpersonal qualities and the ability to work in a small but busy office environment.
- Good understanding of the Tribal business and objectives
- Possess good knowledge of budget planning and strategizing
- Ability to work within a team and provide support when needed
- Ability to perform in cross-functional team approach and job responsibilities
- Multi-tasking and the ability to work under pressure
Supervisor (UTV Tribal Administrator) provides the managerial and administrative support for the UTV Environmental Program. The UTV Finance Manager is responsible to report to the UTV Tribal Administrator for personnel issues to include, but not limited to leave (sick/annual/leave without pay), payroll, and travel.
Supervisor occasionally spot-checks work for accuracy, completeness, adequacy and compliance with established procedures. Problems or conflicts, with a suggested solution, are referred to the supervisor for resolution.
The work is mostly sedentary and requires no special physical demands.
The work environment involves the normal risks, comforts, and discomforts typical of an office setting.
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Phone: 907.338.7611
Email: manager@ugashikvillage.com
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